Agreement with Hirth to expand the capabilities of the AURA100

Unmanned aircraft systems developer and manufacturer AURA has entered into an agreement with a “pioneer” in the field of two-stroke engines for light aircraft and UAVs. AURA Group of Companies and Hirth Engines GmbH will jointly expand the capabilities of the UAS AURA T100, including the enhancement and integration of gasoline and heavy fuel oil engines for the sea-based helicopter AURA100.

Hirth has a solid foundation in European heritage, German technological expertise and work history, that gives confidence in the future of these engines and therefore UAV technology.

AURA100 UAV with Hirth engine onboard is to obtain high power efficiency. The lightweight technology provides minimal fuel consumption with enhanced reliability and performance. 

Stable operation of the engine is provided for all conditions – altitude and climate. The absence of icing of the intake devices at low temperatures is one of the main advantages of an injection engine over a carburetor engine. In addition, the Hirth engine allows you to customize it according to your requests and needs.

An additional advantage will be the possibility of AURA100 operation both on gasoline and heavy fuel, using of which is the mandatory requirement of naval services. Meanwhile, this technology ensures quality that meets environment protection standards.