Evaluation of fire-fighting equipment

   Flight-tests of UAV Aura-100 with installed fire extinguishing equipment were conducted on the helispot of Aura Company in November and December, 2020. The performance efficiency of specified fire extinguishing equipment was evaluated:
— Upgraded portable pulse system;
— High-pressure water sprinkler system;
— Compressed air foam extinguishing system
   Fire extinguishing tests were carried out in compliance with safety requirements. A building mockup with a window and open 6A class fire set indoors was used as a target.
   The test data proved the capability of the listed equipment onboard Aura-100 UAV to extinguish fire on hi-rise buildings and engineering structures up to 300 meters of height. The results of successful fire-fighting were demonstrated during the flight-tests as well as UAV stability and controllability were confirmed.