Aircraft machine fitter

open vacancy

Job Type: Full day Full time
Job Location: Russian Federation

Required work experience: over 6 years.

Responsibilities. Should know and be able to:

  • design features and arrangement of complex aircraft products, schematic diagrams of their systems;
  • assembly technology for basic systems;
  • methods of installation, docking, debugging and
    fastening of complex components and assemblies of an aircraft product; purpose, principle of operation and interaction of individual units of aircraft and systems of an aircraft product;
  • order using during assembly the necessary mechanical, leveling, pneumatic, electrical and other devices and tools, as well as adjusted equipment and special equipment;
  • ways to identify and eliminate defects on products;
  • rules for conducting technical and laboratory measurements;
  • technology of paint and varnish coatings;
  • instruction and technical conditions for the delivery of products to the customer;
  • types and purpose of aviation materials;
  • heat treatment rules, foundations of the theory of interchangeability; system of tolerances and landings;
    the design of mounted engines (piston and gas turbine);
  • fundamentals of pneumatics, hydraulics, aerodynamics; requirements for certified products;
  • reading rules complex assembly and assembly drawings.
  • the design of complex aircraft systems;
  • technical conditions for the regulation and fine-tuning of aircraft systems;
  • rules for using the level, theodolite, quadrant, optical
  • device, principle of operation and methods of setting up installations and stands for complex tests of various systems;
  • design features of aircraft systems according to their
  • features of the technology of installation, adjustment and development work on systems, including control systems for power plants, booster systems;
  • interaction assemblies and systems of assembled products;
  • technology of welding and thermal works;
  • basic information on cryogenic technology;
  • certification requirements for products;
  • routine maintenance technology;
  • the procedure for processing complex accompanying documents.
  • Perform locksmith work of various types, welding, etc.
  • Use and be able to work with measuring instruments of varying complexity and modification.


  • Secondary technical education, work experience as a fitter-assembler of aircraft for more than 6 years.


Work schedule 5/2, we provide free meals, improve qualifications, registration according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, paid vacation, sick leave.

Key skills:

  • Locksmith work


Russian Federation, Moscow region, Ramensky district, Bykovo village, Kolkhoznaya street, 18A.

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