Planning and Dispatching Department specialist

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Job Type: Full day Full time
Job Location: Russian Federation

Required work experience: 1-3 years


  • Organizes operational and production planning and dispatching.
  • Carries out regular operational control over the course of production and other types of core activities of the enterprise, takes measures to prevent and eliminate violations of the course of the production process, involves auxiliary and other services of the enterprise in the elimination of these violations.
  • Supervises the performance of regulatory and planned calculations to determine the size of launch lots, timing of feeds and stock rates.
  • Carries out systematic control over the availability of backlogs at the level of established standards in workshops and areas, uninterrupted promotion of products along the production flow, fulfillment of schedules for delivery of finished products or completed works (services).
  • Provides timely receipt of the necessary planning documentation for the implementation of operational control over the course of production.
  • Studying the best domestic and foreign experience in the field of operational management of production, takes part in the development and implementation of measures to improve production planning, dispatching and operational accounting and control over the course of production, the introduction of technical means of operational management of production.
  • Supervises the summing up of the results of work and the assessment of the activities of the divisions of the enterprise for the implementation of production programs for the production.
  • Participates in the work to improve the specialization and cooperation of production, increase its efficiency.
  • Provides timely accounting of production and work performed, drawing up the established reporting.

Requirements. Should know and be able to:

  • organization of production planning and dispatching at the enterprise;
  • production capacity of the enterprise and its subdivisions;
  • specialization of divisions of the enterprise and production relations between them;
  • the basics of the production technology of the company’s products, as well as the technical requirements for the company’s products;
  • the range of products, types of work (services) performed;
  • organization of operational accounting of the progress of production and delivery of finished products;
  • fundamentals of economics, organization of production, labor and management;
  • rules and regulations of labor protection;
  • regulatory legal acts, methodological materials on production planning and operational management of production;
  • computer facilities, communications and communications.


Registration of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, paid vacation, sick leave, – work schedule 5/2, free meals, advanced training.

Key skills:

  • Production planning
  • Operational planning


Russian Federation, Moscow region, Ramensky district, Bykovo village, Kolkhoznaya street, 18A

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