Dubai Exhibition of achievements of the world aviation industry has started

This year the exhibition in Dubai is larger than last year. It is a great honor for us to present our unmanned aircraft complex here. We are justifiably proud to be part of the aviation community and are proud to present our accomplishments. AURA100 UAVs have demonstrated the ability to operate both in European frosts and in the Emirate heat.

The UAE Civil Defense Service has tested our company’s unmanned helicopters. The AURA100 fire fighting helicopters, designed to extinguish fires high in skyscrapers and in man-made accidents, when dispatching manned helicopters is too risky, have successfully passed field tests. At the moment, AURA100 UAVs are the only ones on the market with such a modification.

We offer a wide range of applications for unmanned helicopters and are confidently moving towards expanding the possibilities of their practical application not only in logistics and firefighting, but also in agriculture, as well as in providing rescue assistance on land, in the mountains and in the waters of the oceans.