Unmanned helicopter AURA 100 will be shown at MAKS-2019

AURA 100, a helicopter-type UAV, will be launched as a pioneer product at international aviation and space salon MAKS-2019, Denis Fedutinov, leading Russian expert in unmanned systems, told RIA Novosti.

“AURA 100, unmanned aerial vehicle of helicopter-type with a take-off mass of about 275 kilograms is built according to the coaxial configuration. Its developer, Aura company, a member of the international AGC group, has planned the premiere of the UAV at MAKS-2019,” Fedutinov said. According to him, the UAV can fly for up to 3 hours at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour. Application ceiling reaches 1500 meters. Radio channel allows to operate the UAV at distances up to 100 kilometers.

The principles of open architecture are implemented in the UAV design, which allow its users to adapt it for various tasks solution. The developers mention a wide range of application options, including monitoring, transportation, geophysics, rescue operations and others.

The control system implements automatic flight algorithms along the route. Take-off and landing procedures are performed automatically with the help of technical vision system. Pre-flight procedures are also automatic.

As Fedutinov explained, many tasks, including transportation, require UAVs capable of performing quite long flights carrying a substantial load. “AURA 100 is aimed at meeting the needs of this promising market segment,” said the expert.